Perspective is Light


Entwined, memories of Cranach and I? Can you see me through my memories?

Page Updated 06/07/2016


Title – Entwined, memories of Cranach and I? Can you see me through my memories?

This painting references one of my favourite paintings by Cranach of Adam and Eve, I have taken the colours of this painting and placed it on a tonal portrait of me as a child and vice versa. Here I want the image to visualise memories being entwined with an old self portrait, yet the identity of the figure is not completed by the memory.  There is here represented a gap in vision between the process of collecting memory and seeing a visualization of identity

The second painting in the series is  Tones: Tiger, and Camouflage. Can you see where memories of the tiger and camouflage begin?  In life there are many hidden stories to be told. Here I am interested in combining the reference to a story of the tiger, with the story of camouflage to show again our gaps in vision.

The third image is  the painting Tones: Earth, Sun, and Moon.  Here if looking from left to right; I have painted the colour of the moon is on the tones of the earth (image A), the colours of the earth are on the tones of the moon (image B) and the colours of the earth are on the tones of the sun (image C), and the colours of the sun are on the tones of the earth (Image D).   These varied environments can only be shared visually through light.   Our memories of each of them entwined in the representation yet the image of both memories together do not capture fully what these memories are.

I look here to visualise how light can change and with this be connected visually to time passing in our memories. I am interested here in creating a visual recognition of time passing in one painting and across a series of paintings. I want to explore many moments, and creating a moving story that can be visualized across more than two processes and subjects in a painting. This series could be continued further with the subjects of the earth, sun and moon in additional paintings, revealing more complex memories to maybe move forward with.  I am interested in revealing new and potentially moving perspectives on familiar memories.